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So Many Supplements to chose from: which are good? what works?

…is that there are so many products out there and everyone claims theirs is the best. But how do we know it’s true? Everybody’s body is different and reacts different to chemicals. What might work for you might not work for me. Per example, someone told me that Hydroxicut worked great for him, but it definitely did not work for me. (Some other people also told me they did not have success with fat loss on Hydroxicut). The way you eat also makes a difference if anything will work.
Sometimes trial and error will tell you what works for you, but do you have the time to research all that yourself? Whatever you do, always make sure you follow the instructions on the bottle and the advice of your doctor. You also have to be very careful when combining supplements. Make very sure they can be taken together. Definitely do not take 2 supplements that have the same ingredients such as caffeine. You will overdose and the result will be opposite of what you want. You will stress your body out and release cortisol (stress hormones) and your body will store fat. You also do not want chemicals that have bad reactions with other chemicals. The best thing is to stick to the natural ingredients. Usually a fat burner can safely be taken together with a thermogenic because it usually targets water weight. Check with a nutritionist or personal trainer first when you chose which ones you want to combine.

Here are some supplements that are natural or also naturally produced by your body:
  • CLA (fat burner)
  • L-Glutamine (produced by the body, restores muscles, energizes)
  • Green Tea (natural ingredient to burn fat and antioxidant, fights free radicals)
  • Potassium (helps the muscle absorb the water and balance sodium)
  • L-Carnetine (very effective with green tea to block fat and give energy)
  • Dandelion Roots (diuretic, anti-inflammatory, prevents water storage)
  • Holy Basil (calms your body down and reduces production of cortisol)
  • Omega 3-6-9 -and/or the Omega 7 from New Chapter is a good one to take- (good for replacing bad fat with healthy fat, restores skin elasticity, lubricates joints, good fat is needed for the body to take up the vitamins)
  •  BCAA's (amino acid chain; helps build lean muscle while burning fat)
  • Joint Soother (combination of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM for joint lubrication and repair)
  • Ganoderma spore powder (very effective, brings oxygen to the muscles and helps with muscle retention and repair. Especially good for older people who have trouble retaining muscles) 

Here are some fat burner and Thermogenics that worked for me:
  • Jet Fuel (also has a cortisol blocking ingredient, very effective for me) 
  • AMP (give great energy) 
  • Cutt and Cutt-2 (fast fat burner with weight training) 
  • Tight (and Tight extreme) (fast fat burners with weight training) 
  • Max Lean (helps cut fat and controls appetite) 
  • TherminXX (thermogenic - this in combination with Jet Fuel is very effective) 
  • Thermogize (stronger effect, made me more hungry though) 
  • ZMA (testosterone booster that helps with strength in the gym and energizes to complete a good workout, also burns fat)
  • *Hot Rocks (I would not recommend them but are effective if you exhausted other choices. However; too many chemicals and hard for your body to metabolize; reactive with other supplements)

We need nutrition in order for our body to function properly. Vitamin is one of them and is essential for breaking down protein in your body. Without vitamins, your body cannot use the protein and other nutrients you put into your body. Fruit has vitamins. But we also know that fruit contains a lot of sugar and sugar will turn into fat if it is not used as energy by our bodies. However, we still need the vitamins. When you go to a Vitamin Shop and find yourself some vitamins, make sure they are not hard pills. Hard pills are harder for your body to break down and your stomach acid will eat up most of it before your body can use it. What do you do? You could eat all the fruits or use liquid vitamins. Or you can juice your fruits or make smoothies. The trick to avoid gaining weight or not loosing weight from all of the sugar is to have your fruit before 2 pm
Any Questions? I will be glad to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

If you would like to try the Ganoderma Spore Power capsules, they are available at They were a tremendous help in my last Figure Competition at Venice Beach Memorial day 2012. 

Dr. Fuhrman

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